New York Magazine’s The Cut

Currently you can find my work publishing 3 times a week on Snapchat when you follow The Cut. If you’re viewing this page on mobile you can follow snap code to today’s edition here. In the reel above you’ll notice two kinds of snaps, top snaps which feature written copy with page number indicators for a string of multiple top snaps alongside graphics or video. Long form snaps feature call to action animation that swipe up to reveal a full length written piece from New York Magazine writers.

The Cut is the premier destination for women with sharp, stylish minds. No matter the subject, we address our readers’ lives head on, with generous wit, unflinching honesty and undeniable power. More info on The Cut’s readership.


New York Magazine’s Vulture

Before joining The Cut’s snap team I worked on Vulture’s channel and still occasionally assist as needed. Vulture now reaches over one million subscribers on Snapchat while publishing three editions weekly Vulture snap is available here.

A survey of America’s cultural landscape offering 24-hour coverage of film, television, art and more, Vulture is the go-to entertainment news site for the culturally obsessed. More info on Vulture’s audience.