Joe Kleinerman 10K - 2015 / by Katie Cropper Klein

This past weekend I ran a 10k with my good pal and running partner Christi. The temps were a balmy 16°F with a wind chill of a delightful 5°

Needless to say I needed lots of motivation and threats from Christi to get my ass to central park at 8AM but I made it. It was one full loop around the park and the first time I've ever ran the Harlem Hill, which is much harder than I thought it would be. Luckily the beast hill was in mile 1 so it was all normal running from there. 

This week I get more serious about my training for the NYC 1/2 Marathon. I've got a trusty training calendar ready to go. I should start a hunt for new running shoes, it seems I've worn these out in less than year. Things to remember for next time, those water stations.. will feature exclusively frozen solid cups of water. note to self: run faster if you want water in its liquid state.