Who the hell is Nathan Hale? / by Katie Cropper Klein

Apparently, an american revolution hottie. According to wikipedia he's the school teacher/spy that when he got executed by the english, famously said ""I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." His name is also slapped on what feels like 78 different green highway signs scattered through the state of Connecticut on my drive to my latest gig, teaching at the University of Connecticut. 

UConn is a monster sized state school that essentially is a town itself. It's still early but the scale alone of this place is still surprising to me. It makes my college experience feel like an overgrown funky high school. I don't mean that it wasn't college level work that I did at Pratt so much as the size and very specific experience I got there. The course I'm teaching is intro to motion graphics and it is under the umbrella of the Digital Media and Design which I think  is part of the fine arts department. 

Last week was my first and I have to say it was really scary but also really exciting. Something to know about me if we've never met in person, when I'm nervous I turn a burning hot inferno color of red. It looks something like this. 

Yes, I'm told its called Rosecea. This is not news.

Things I need to remember going into class these comings weeks,

1. Say out loud what hotkey you're using OR don't use them at all.  

2. Speak louder, slower, and plan how you want to get to your point. 

3. Spend more time with each individual during demo day. 

4. Be less burn-y in the face, and try to enjoy the class.


I'm sure as the semester rolls on I'll have more meditations on the entire state of Connecticut, including how great right turns on red lights are. Till then I'll be prepping for classes and hammering out freelance projects with my girl Susan. Next month is Kidscreen in Miami and we can't WAIT.